Life is NOT a Box! 

Remember when you were a kid, how you were who you were and didnt care who knew it? How it didn’t cross your mind that you needed to be like everyone else? Then around middle school you started to realize everyone was morphing into the same type of person, conforming into what could make them more cool? This may not be the case for all people but it certainly fits my story. I know for me personally I strayed so far from my true self that it took me til adulthood to find me again. The real me. Even now adults expect you to fit into their expectation of what you should be. You’re a farmer? Oh you must only like country music and wearing boots. You have a blog? Well that couldn’t possibly be a job, ever. I don’t know why we try to fit others into these nice little perfect boxes of what they should be. Life isn’t a box, it’s not a circle. We don’t have to fit in to anything. Happiness comes from being unapologetically yourself. 

Let’s start with me. In High school I was a cheerleader and I played softball ( two sports that don’t necessarily always have the same people participating in them) therefore, I was always assumed to be preppy BUT I also loved participating in FFA and listening to Green Day and wearing converse sneakers ( which believe it or not were not in at my high school at the time). I also loved to read and was a certified Harry Potter (which would later turn into many other fandoms) nerd. None of those things really fit together. I struggled with knowing exactly who I was but then I realized I don’t have to be any specific type of person because I am me. I don’t fit into a box. I have so many various interests and the only person that should I should care about pleasing is God ( and maybe my husband but whatever.) 

Take my husband for example. He is a verified country boy if you ask literally almost anyone else. He has a farm, who works a job that requires physical labor, he wears boots almost every day and he honestly owns overalls that aren’t ironic. However, Matt is intelligent, he loves the Weekend and 90’s alternative music, he wears his Sanuks as often as possible and he hates being forced to be represented as someone who likes just country music. In fact, the man hates most new country music. He is so clever and definitely doesn’t fit the box people try to put him in. It’s not ok to force someone to fit the representation of themselves that you think they should have. I know it’s all about perception but maybe people should do some digging before they make an assumption about someone because of you did some digging on Matt you would know that he’s one of the coolest people I’ve ever known because he has the same varied interests that I do. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is that we don’t have to be what others expect us to be. You can be who you are. It doesn’t matter if who you are is offensive to others, if people don’t understand it, even if they decide they don’t like you because of it. That’s their problem, not yours. Love yourself for who you are and do it quickly because happiness can definitely come out of busting out of that box. I give you permission. 

                               Stay Sparkly, 

                                   Sarah ❤ 


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